‘Athliance’ is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 1, 2021 – As Name Image Likeness goes online, so does Athliance’s NIL Opportunity Management Application. In what is sure to be a chaotic month, Athliance is proud to be ahead of the curve with a functioning application in time for the July 1st deadline that was thrust upon Universities with little time to prepare. The proprietary application is available on both Apple and Android.

“Athliance,” An NCAA® NIL Disclosure Management & Education App, is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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Today, Athliance CEO Peter Schoenthal was quoted by Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellinger: “We knew NIL was going to be a big deal, but I don’t think we truly realized the magnitude until today,” says Peter Schoenthal, the CEO of Athliance, an NIL management and compliance software that works with several college athletic programs. “All over social media student-athletes are ‘hinting’ at deals and posting they are ready to capitalize off of their name, image, and likeness. However, many schools are not prepared. Many did not think we would be starting July 1 and they certainly thought there would be more guidance from the national level. That is why the first couple of months could get hectic.”


Athliance has designed a proprietary NIL education and opportunity management software that empowers compliance departments to operate more efficiently in the new world of college athletics. Our tools and resources allow Universities to maintain current staff levels by automating the communication and workflow of every single opportunity presented to student-athletes, start-to-finish. Our solution mitigates NIL risks and protects scholarships, sponsorships, and post-season appearances. Furthermore, our real-time reports provide valuable data and insights for marketing and recruiting purposes.


Sean Hughes

SOURCE: Athliance

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